Genesys and Google Cloud: shaping the future of contact center AI

Empower your call center with bot technology

Better customer experiences made easy with
advanced technology from Genesys and Google

Google and Genesys have partnered, so you can deliver new world-class customer experiences — blending AI and Google voice interaction technologies with Genesys call center automation and orchestration. Take advantage of:

topic modeling

Topic modeling

Improve bot performance by discovering which topics your customers are contacting you about and how they’re articulating them.

agent assist

Agent assist

Present key insights to your agents exactly when they need it, hands-free. Automatically extract relevant articles and answers from your knowledge base.

virtual agent

Virtual agent

Create a virtual agent to handle the most common and transactional cases. Or steer the interaction to an agent, when required.


Speech-to-text and text-to-speech (IVR)

Accurately transcribe speech into text on inbound calls.

Level-up your AI game.
Find out how in 7-10 minutes.

Improve key metrics as you integrate with
your existing infrastructure and workflows

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Improve agent routing accuracy with best-in-class intent and entity determination
  • Improve first contact resolution using automated responses
  • Provide immediate, conversational, 24-hour service

Increase operational efficiency

  • Increase self-service rates by using the best bots for the right tasks
  • Enable live agents to close cases faster and more helpfully for customers
  • Unlock actionable insights from customer data

Increase agent satisfaction

  • Make agent work easier by presenting key information to them exactly when they need it
  • Use agents to engage in more meaningful conversations with customers
  • Build agent confidence by matching their skills with customer needs

The right chatbot has context
and purpose

Bot technology isn’t new. But, in the past, it took months to deploy. These new advancements get you up and running in mere days.

Plus, the Genesys call center products give bots the context to recognize customers, understand their history and preferences, and predict next actions to make customer experiences seamless and pain-free.

Bots with a view

Genesys AI powers your chatbot or voicebot, with all the data and analytics needed to handle customers’ voice and non-voice interactions with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

With the power of Genesys AI, your bot knows who’s calling or who’s in the chat session – understanding the customer’s intent and quickly finding the best possible answer on any topic, or the best matching offer to satisfy the customer. Genesys AI leverages real-time predictions, dynamic knowledge base, multiple decision trees, interaction history, internal and third-party analytics so your bot can support customers very effectively and navigate the customers through their journey.

If a human touch is needed, Genesys AI can seamlessly hand over the interaction to an employee with all contextual information.

What makes Genesys different

orchestrate bots

Create and orchestrate bots for every channel from a single platform

  • Realize faster time to value with pre-built, industry-specific bots
  • Deliver personalized interactions that are fully or partially automated
  • Reduce development costs by up to 70% with a drag-and-drop user interface
human touch

Add the critical human touch with Blended AI

  • Seamlessly transition from bot automation to humans and back
  • Provide full context of the bot interaction to agents and reduce repeat requests
ai brain

Leverage best-in-class AI with Google and Genesys

  • Reduce transfers with more accurate contact steering
  • Solve problems for customers faster
"Our customers have changed the way they interact with us. Without our AI, bots and automation tied together using Genesys AI, we couldn’t deliver this kind of service."

Pablo Oyarzun

Customer Experience Divisional Manager


Empower your call center with bot technology

Live Assistance

Live Assistance