Vodafone Australia

Empathy for better customer service

Vodafone Australia is an Australian mobile telecommunications provider with over five million customers. Committed to delivering an exceptional level of customer service from its contact centres and retail outlets, Vodafone has invested in specialist skills technology to underpin customer service excellence in the region.

Storming, norming, performing

In the context of a strategic employee performance initiative, Vodafone wanted to enhance time to competency for new starters in its call centres to maximise the number of agents that successfully completed probation.

“In early 2015, we recognised that we needed to focus on a more structured approach to the development that occurs between the end of induction training and the assessment of competence that occurs at the end of probation. We already extensively utilised the Skills Assessor* platform in our induction training, so it made sense to utilise this platform for probation too,” explains Mal Reason, Head of Organisational Capability, Vodafone.

A pilot project was conducted with a group of new starters in early 2015. Under this pilot, each new starter received a customised training plan at the end of induction. This training plan, which was automatically generated by Skills Assessor*, outlined a series of learning activities that each new starter needed to complete as part of their probation. These activities were specific to each individual and included activities to address any gaps that were not sufficiently addressed during the induction process. The training plan was co-owned by the new starter and their manager and was underpinned by regular discussions between the two to track progress and reinforce the learning.

Improved outcomes at individual and company levels

Skills Assessor allows Vodafone Australia to provide a customised training plan for each individual, something that would not be possible without such a system. This means that each new starter gets exactly the right amount of learning for them, maximising effect and minimising the cost (time and money) to the business. It’s also adding value to Vodafone Australia’s people processes, with 85% of participants in the pilot stating that the training plan led to more productive conversations with their team manager.

“Silver Lining’s technology is helping our people get up to the required level of competency faster and more efficiently. The pilot group is a great example of this, with all participants successfully completing their probation, which is a considerable improvement over previous groups. We’re delighted that this initiative is having such a significant impact on both individual and overall business performance! In addition to hard business benefits, our ability to prove a link between training and improved KPIs is strengthening our relationship with the business as the team’s value is tangible and we are all speaking the same language. A final word: we are very pleased to be working with Silver Lining’s Australian and head office teams – it is hard to think of another technology provider that brings such supportive, enthusiastic and expert support," concludes Mal.

About Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) is a mobile telecommunications company that operates in Australia with more than five million customers. It is a 50:50 venture between Vodafone Group PLC and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.

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*Skills Assessor is sold by Genesys around the world. When sold directly by Silver Lining Solutions, it is sold under the product name Optimizer.