Employees can deliver transformational results – if you know which skills, knowledge and attributes deliver the best business outcomes. Do you really know what skills and knowledge are linked to the achievement of KPIs? How to translate KPIs into Key Skills Indicators (KSIs)? Who really needs to improve their performance and in which areas?

With Optimizer you can.


Optimizer correlates business performance with employee skills, knowledge and other factors to identify which drive the best business outcomes. Armed with this invaluable KSI intelligence,you can generate capability blueprints, by role, of what ‘great’ looks like – in the call center, back office, retail stores and branches. And this means that you can focus performance improvement on the things that will make the most difference – to each individual and your business.


Designed with the needs of managers, employees and the business in mind, Optimizer’s patented functionality – including its performance correlation engine, KSI analytics, ‘knowledge nudges’, sophisticated assessments and user friendly interface and reporting dashboards – improves employee performance quickly, easily and at scale.


Team, site, outsourcer comparison and benchmarking. Integration with existing solutions - WFO, routing, LMS and HR Available in multiple languages.


Access to employee skills and KPI data from multiple sources. KSI and role 'blueprint' functionality to pinpoint skills gaps. Automated 'next best' action.


Personalized development plans and performance tracking. Higly interactive assessments and 'knowledge nudges'. Intuitive interface for desktop and mobile.