LOVE your employees #5: Internal Communications

LOVE your employees #5: Internal Communications

Create value from internal communications

Internal Communications are vital to make sure management and staff are ‘on the same page’. Company strategies and objectives should be explained in a way that results in employees knowing how their own jobs support company goals, which helps keep people motivated and engaged. In a nutshell, companies that ‘do’ internal communication well are able to make employees feel informed, inspired and engaged.

Equally importantly, Internal Communications will help staff represent your company – echoing key messages and living the values. However, only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission, and values, which, to us, is an alarmingly low number as this would indicate that too many executives are not communicating and reinforcing their company’s guiding principles and mission.

Junior or frontline employees are often the most important audience to reach, as they are at the ‘coalface’, interacting with customers, delivering services and selling your services and products. They are the ambassadors of your company, but they will not be able to represent it well unless they are communicated with in a regular, meaningful way that allows them to share their views with confidence.

To deliver and sustain great internal communications you need to truly your audience and their needs and wants. Listen to what your employees say, see what they are talking about with their managers and each other, and where they are communicating. Then develop a robust plan, tailoring the communication, tone of voice and communications channels accordingly.

According to communications specialist P&MM, good internal communications mean:

• Open and objective communication • Clear, jargon-free, succinct language • Consistent and regular communication • Two-way dialogue • Understanding the audience and what appeals to them • Using good verbal, non-verbal and written communicators • A communication identity that people recognise and use • An accessible medium

Given the benefits your business will likely experience from improving your internal communications, it’s definitely worth doing – and well!

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