LOVE your employees #1: Leadership

LOVE your employees #1: Leadership

On this special day, don’t just spoil your loved one - take some time to think about the love you’re showing your employees! In fact, we think employees are so important that for 7 days, we’re going to share some valuable industry insights that demonstrate why it’s important to show your employees the luurrvve!

Today, on day #1, let’s talk leadership. It’s not just important – it’s crucial!

Research* has confirmed that the number-one attribute that garnered commitment and engagement from employees was respect from their leaders. The research found that those getting respect from their leaders reported much higher levels of health and well-being; derived greater enjoyment, satisfaction, and meaning from their jobs; and had better focus and a greater ability to prioritise. Those feeling respected were also much more likely to engage with work tasks and more likely to stay with their organisations. Despite this, another survey** found that only 42% of employees know their organisation’s vision, mission, and values, which would suggest that too many executives are not communicating and reinforcing their company’s guiding principles and mission. The same survey found that leadership transparency is the top factor when determining employee happiness (coming in at an extremely high correlation coefficient of .93). The cost of improving transparency is almost zero, but given the impact on happiness, the case for ongoing dialogue between management and staff is a no-brainer!

*Conducted by Christine Porath, associate professor, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University ** TINYpulse EE survey of 330+ organisations and c. 40,000 respondents

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