Market Trend Briefing - November 2016

Market Trend Briefing - November 2016

CONTACT CENTRE SKILLS: Focused investment for exceptional customer service

A study of 150 call centre leaders* finds that focused investments are needed to improve the skills of customer-care workers in both service and sales and to hire new ones who can handle increasingly complex interactions.

In a world that is moving towards a sophisticated combination of automation for low value transactions and enquiries, and rich, personalised customer experiences, the McKinsey survey reveals that large investments will be required to improve the skills of customer-care agents to meet changing consumer needs and call types.

In reality, this will translate into smaller teams of highly skilled customer-care agents equipped to provide ‘exceptional’ customer service, and with the skills to improve customer engagement, create cross and upsell opportunities, and prevent increasingly demanding customers from defecting.

However, most of the leaders surveyed do not believe that their companies have the frontline skills or leadership talent to meet these changing customer needs, and that large investments will probably be required to fill the skills gap. The table shows that a majority feel that it will be necessary to hire new employees or train current ones rather than rely on technology, and that it will be important to develop both service and sales capabilities which, according to McKinsey, is “a departure from the two roles’ largely separate profiles today.”

The same study found that customer-care leaders acknowledge the changing technology landscape and the need for more tech investments to support a longer-term strategic vision. Nearly half (47%) of the executives surveyed rated ‘investing in new technologies’ as one of their top priorities over the next five years.

The good news for these companies is that Silver Lining’s solutions can help overcome these dynamically changing skills requirements.

Our unique employee performance optimisation solutions, PerformanceDNA™, help organisations pinpoint and replicate the precise employee skills, knowledge and behaviours - we call them Key Skills Indicators - that drive the best business outcomes, be it improved sales and customer experience, better organisational efficiency or reduced operational costs.

“No other employee performance optimisation solution integrates with so many enterprise systems. And although other solutions may tell you how employees are performing, no other tells you - and automates - what actions you need to take to achieve great performance – individual by individual,” states Amanda Westwood, CEO of Silver Lining Solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion today – we’d love to hear from you.

*Read the results of the McKinsey survey here: business-functions/operations/our-insights/winning-the-expectations-gamein- customer-care

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