Opplysningen: Planning for peak performance

Opplysningen: Planning for peak performance

Opplysningen 1881, the leading Norwegian business directory enquiries service, has 2 busy contact centres employing almost 200 agents in Norway and is recognised for its commitment to high quality customer service – which is absolutely vital to keep customers coming back. “Our primary driver is to provide great customer experiences, which means that the right agents - armed with the right skills and knowledge - must be in the right place at the right time," explains Geir Stampeløkken, Head of Planning, Opplysningen 1881. A true advocate of technologies that help deliver great customer experiences, Geir had already spearheaded the selection and adoption of Teleopti’s workforce management solution which is doing a great job of forecasting customer demand and scheduling agent resource.

In 2013 Geir attended a Teleopti event that showcased Silver Lining’s training optimisation solution, Planner. Conscious that training scheduling was an extremely manual process, Geir immediately recognised that Planner could not only streamline the planning of training and performance improvement initiatives, it could also help reduce the amount of training that was being cancelled (close to 35%). In the months after the event, Geir worked with Silver Lining to prepare the business case and the order for Planner was placed.

Since June 2014, Planner has been up and running at Opplysningen 1881, integrating with Teleopti’s workforce management solution to plan, schedule and manage training programmes, coaching and one-to-ones for the company’s two contact centres. Target service levels and agent, trainer and training room availability are blended to deliver optimal training schedules that have no impact on service levels, yet reduce the staffing costs required to meet them. ‘No shows’ are quickly identified and re-scheduled, and Opplysningen 1881 can see in real time which training initiatives are on track and delivering ROI.

Furthermore, Opplysningen 1881 uses Planner to schedule actual tasks. For example, in the past, the company had a low response rate for its regular employee satisfaction survey, but since using Planner to schedule agent time to complete the survey, completion rates are close to 100%.

“Planner has been really well received by employees across both sites as it makes things easier and helps agents and trainers to better prepare. I’m also delighted with the efficiency gains – both in terms of streamlining the process and reducing the amount of training that was getting cancelled,” explains Geir.

Rapid and compelling ROI

In just over twelve months, Opplysningen 1881 realised the following benefits:

• 50% reduction in forecasting and scheduling headcount (due to not having to replace staff that had changed jobs) • Streamlining of operational processes between resource planning and training • Improved productivity of Planners and Trainers • Improvement in Service Levels and Adherence • Increased customer satisfaction • Enabled, engaged front line teams

“From the outset, working with Silver Lining Solutions has been a total pleasure. The implementation went so smoothly, nothing is ever too much trouble and the team is extremely responsive when we have questions or need support. In fact, I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a straightforward technology deployment,” concludes Geir.

Silver Lining Solutions, Teleopti and Opplysningen 1881 have a strong partnership and work together on an ongoing basis to improve performance and reduce operational costs.

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