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  • Genesys Acquires Silver Lining Solutions

    Genesys Acquires Silver Lining Solutions

    Genesys (, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, has today announced that it has acquired privately held Silver Lining Solutions Ltd.

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  • LOVE your employees #6: Skills

    LOVE your employees #6: Skills

    Why a ‘learning culture’ is key to organisational success

    At Silver Lining Solutions we work with organisations around the world and have found that there are two basic drivers behind skills development.

    However, simply addressing the points above does not mean that organisations have created and embedded a successful learning culture.

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  • LOVE your employees #5: Internal Communications

    LOVE your employees #5: Internal Communications

    Create value from internal communications

    Internal Communications are vital to make sure management and staff are ‘on the same page’. Company strategies and objectives should be explained in a way that results in employees knowing how their own jobs support company goals, which helps keep people motivated and engaged. In a nutshell, companies that ‘do’ internal communication well are able to make employees feel informed, inspired and engaged.

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  • LOVE your employees #4: Diversity

    LOVE your employees #4: Diversity

    Diversity is good for business.

    Today, diversity in the workplace is a top priority for businesses, not-for-profits, government, society, and – most important of all – the vital talent that will drive their future success. There are plenty of research statistics that support this.

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  • LOVE your employees #3: Innovation

    LOVE your employees #3: Innovation

    Companies that are innovative perform better. Fact.

    In 2014, Google, the world’s most valuable company (it actually knocked Apple off the top spot earlier this year) actually put in formal rules requiring every employee to dedicate one day a week to side projects. The thinking behind this was that encouraging people to be creative would reinforce its deeply innovative culture. We’ve done a bit of research and looked at proven tactics - within the reach of all organisations – that really do foster innovation in the workplace.

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  • The workplace’s most valuable asset

    The workplace’s most valuable asset

    Recent events confirm that capitalism has lost ground to trade protectionism and the rejection of globalisation. The recent US presidential election result and the United Kingdom’s decision to break away from the European Unit (aka ‘Brexit’) evidence this, and we are witnessing similar sentiment in key EU markets such as France, Germany, Austria and Sweden.

    But what does all this mean to business?

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  • LOVE your employees #2: Employee well-being

    LOVE your employees #2: Employee well-being

    On day 2 of our LOVE your employees campaign, we’re going to share some valuable insights into employee well-being.

    Research* reveals that companies that do not invest in employee well-being are most certainly missing out, as high levels of employee well-being can boost employee satisfaction, teamwork, productivity, and even improve a company’s bottom-line. To give your well-being programme the best chances of success, the researchers suggest applying some guiding principles…

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  • LOVE your employees #1: Leadership

    LOVE your employees #1: Leadership

    On this special day, don’t just spoil your loved one - take some time to think about the love you’re showing your employees! In fact, we think employees are so important that for 7 days, we’re going to share some valuable industry insights that demonstrate why it’s important to show your employees the luurrvve!

    Today, on day #1, let’s talk leadership. It’s not just important – it’s crucial!

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