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  • LOVE your employees #2: Employee well-being

    LOVE your employees #2: Employee well-being

    On day 2 of our LOVE your employees campaign, we’re going to share some valuable insights into employee well-being.

    Research* reveals that companies that do not invest in employee well-being are most certainly missing out, as high levels of employee well-being can boost employee satisfaction, teamwork, productivity, and even improve a company’s bottom-line. To give your well-being programme the best chances of success, the researchers suggest applying some guiding principles…

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  • LOVE your employees #1: Leadership

    LOVE your employees #1: Leadership

    On this special day, don’t just spoil your loved one - take some time to think about the love you’re showing your employees! In fact, we think employees are so important that for 7 days, we’re going to share some valuable industry insights that demonstrate why it’s important to show your employees the luurrvve!

    Today, on day #1, let’s talk leadership. It’s not just important – it’s crucial!

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